Free Shipping on Orders over $200! Use Code 'FREESHIP' at Checkout.

Free Shipping on Orders over $200! Use Code 'FREESHIP' at Checkout.

About Jamesware Ceramics

In my experience, hand-thrown pottery is perfectly suited to experimentation and innovation, every piece offering the opportunity to create something unique.  Over the years, I’ve made hundreds of bowls, serving dishes, casseroles, plates, cups, and vases.   Many of the shapes that I have created respond to needs I've had in the kitchen or things that I’ve wanted in my home.  Success or failure has been determined over time—I end up loving this bowl for cereal, that one for salads, this one for serving pasta...I've figured out what works best for me through trial and error. 

Jamesware Ceramics brings together what I have learned over the years and provides the means of sharing my pieces more broadly. 

The Process

Small-batch, production pottery involves a great deal of craftsmanship and attention to detail—after the pieces are molded, they need to be trimmed, sponged, stamped by hand, and glazed individually. While there is a drive towards uniformity and consistency in making these pieces, they are all hand-made, introducing slight differences and variations in their finish, color, and shading; no two pieces are exactly alike, each is ultimately unique.