Free Shipping on Orders over $200! Use Code 'FREESHIP' at Checkout.

Free Shipping on Orders over $200! Use Code 'FREESHIP' at Checkout.

The Cassolette


  • Inspired by the cassolette, a traditional French clay pot, this small, single-serving covered casserole can be used for baking, braising or roasting foods in the oven; it is also wonderful for keeping foods warm before serving and storing foods before or after cooking.

    The flared rim on both the base and lid offers a solid grip.

    1 cup of liquid fits within the base, filled just short of the inner ledge on which the lid rests, additional room in the lidded container, easily containing up to 1-1/2 cups of food.  Perfect for hot side dishes.

    While there is a drive towards uniformity and consistency in making these pieces, they are all hand-made, introducing slight differences and variations in their finish, color, and shading; no two pieces are exactly alike, each is ultimately unique.


Cooking and Storing Food hasn't looked better!